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Employment Pre-Screening

MPS provides screening for positions of potential exposure to high risk situation, or positions in which there is access to industrial secrets or proprietary resources. This pre-employment screening is critical for police officers, fire fighters, security guards and other emergency personnel.

  • Basic Employment Screening

This basic screening process is inexpensive and can be applied to a large number of possible job candidates. This screening allows quick screening results and does not require a psychologist to be at the job sight or a follow-up interview unless indicated by test results.

  • In-Depth Employment Screening

This screening fits the needs of employers who desire a more in-depth analysis of future job candidates. This screening includes use of personality inventories coupled with an in-depth psychological interview.

"It is our goal to provide the best possible recommendation to potential law enforcement candidates as they move through the law enforcement training process." - Dr. Ann LaValley Wood